A Master Instructor for Kickboxing, Mr. Nabil Farhati has 12 years of experience teaching and coaching this sport. Nabil had obtained his Qualifications in Kickboxing & Taekwondo from the following training institutions:
  • Club Denden Des Arts Martiaux, Diplome Ju-Jitsu
  • Arab Federation of Kickboxing Sports
  • Federation Tunisienne De Taekwondo
  • King-Fu Wushou
In 2013, he had won the following awards:
  • 5th Dan Black Belt for Taekwondo sponsored by KUKKIWON
  • 1ST Dan Black Belt for Kickboxing from Arab Federation of Kickboxing
Apart from his mother tongue dialect, Nabil was also fluent speaking and writing Arabic, French, English and German languages.