African Drumming

New York Sports & Fitness Group LLC is managing a U.A.E. based company specializing in traditional West African drumming and dance, Dubai Afro Drum Beat Inc. (DADBI), a trusted name in cultural West-African music.

DADBI is dedicated to promoting and sharing the music and culture of West Africa through an intensive drumming classes, workshops, drum circles, retreats, team buildings workshops, corporate events, birthdays, parties and performances for all events and activities in the UAE. The sessions provide a complete educational and inspiring cultural experience.

It presents and facilitates high-energy drumming workshops, classes, drum circles to teach African and hand drumming as an outlet to entertain, relieve stress, enhance brain function, reduce anxiety, creates fun and leaving participants feeling uplifted, energized and inspired.

At DADBI, traditional West African drumming is our passion along with rhythms and a variety of percussion instruments. Our drumming sessions and workshops are based on well-established traditional West African drumbeats and rhythmic patterns, but these are highly flexible so as to accommodate virtually unlimited personal interpretation and freedom of expression.